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Welcome to the Cookies Policy of Free Online Pokies. We’re committed to ensuring a transparent and enjoyable browsing experience. Cookies play a significant role in optimizing our website for your use. This policy aims to explain the functionality of cookies, their advantages, and how we employ them on our site. Read on to gain insight and make an informed choice.

What Exactly Are Cookies?

Much like many modern websites, utilizes cookies. These are minuscule data packets sent to your browser and stored on your device. Their primary purpose is to enhance your website navigation. This section aims to illuminate the type of information these cookies collect, their utilization, and the circumstances under which they might be saved. A deeper understanding of cookies can be achieved by exploring “All About Cookies”.

Why We Use Cookies

Cookies contribute to a variety of functionalities on our platform. In most scenarios, turning off cookies might hinder the performance of specific features, diminishing your website experience. If uncertain about a particular service requiring cookies, it’s advisable to let them remain active.

Opting Out of Cookies

Modifying your browser settings can prevent cookie storage. However, it’s essential to recognize that by doing so, you might hamper the operational aspects of our website and others you frequent. Not activating cookies might curtail specific features and services on Hence, for an unhindered experience, keeping cookies enabled is suggested.

The Kind of Cookies We Deploy

  • Interaction-based Cookies: Whenever you engage with our site by filling out forms, such as those on our contact page or feedback sections, we may utilize cookies to recall your details for subsequent interactions.

Third-Party Cookies

On occasion, we might incorporate cookies from trusted external sources. Here’s a breakdown of third-party cookies you could encounter on

  • Analytical Tools: We employ services like Google Analytics, a prevalent analytical tool that aids in comprehending user interactions on our site. Such cookies might monitor metrics like your site engagement duration and the pages you explore, enabling us to curate content that resonates with our audience. To delve deeper into Google Analytics cookies, visit the designated Google Analytics documentation.
  • Content Optimization: Occasionally, we introduce fresh attributes and make incremental alterations to the site’s delivery. During such phases, cookies might be employed to guarantee you get a consistent browsing experience, while also helping us gauge which enhancements resonate most with our users.
  • Affiliate Partnerships: Certain cookies help us trace our visitors’ origins, especially if they land on via one of our affiliate partners. This ensures our partners get due credit, and if applicable, offer you any exclusive bonuses or offers.

We’re devoted to keeping your browsing session pleasant and transparent. If any concerns or queries arise about our cookie policy, feel free to get in touch.

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